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Vice Versa 2 (2024)
Titre original: Inside Out 2 streaming VF
Année: 2024
Durée: 1h 30min
Nationalité: U.S.A.
Réalisé par: Kelsey Mann
Langues: Français

Film Vice Versa 2 (2024)
"Vice-Versa 2" is a sequel to the highly successful animated film "Inside Out." The story continues to explore the inner workings of a young girl's mind through the personified emotions of Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear, and Disgust.

In this installment, Riley, the central character, has grown older and is now experiencing the challenges of adolescence. As she enters high school, her emotions face new and complex situations that test their understanding of her evolving thoughts and feelings.

Joy remains the primary emotion, but she starts to struggle with the increasing influence of Anger and Disgust as Riley faces various social pressures and identity issues. Sadness also plays a crucial role in influencing Riley's emotional growth, teaching her the importance of embracing and expressing her true feelings.

As Riley navigates the ups and downs of friendships, romantic relationships, and academic expectations, the emotions in her mind learn valuable lessons about empathy, self-acceptance, and finding a healthy balance between different emotions.

"Vice-Versa 2: Inside Out" delves deeper into the complexities of human emotions and offers a heartwarming and relatable exploration of growing up and embracing change.

Vice Versa 2 (2024) streaming VF

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