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La Vénus d'argent (2023)
Titre original: La Vénus d'argent streaming VF
Année: 2023
Durée: 1h 35min
Nationalité: France
Réalisé par: Héléna Klotz
Langues: Français

Film La Vénus d'argent (2023)
"La Vénus d'argent" is a French film directed by Héléna Klotz. The movie tells the story of Léa, a young woman who lives a mundane life working in a small convenience store. Her only escape from reality is through her dreams, where she transforms into La Vénus d'argent, a seductive and mysterious character.

One day, Léa's world is turned upside down when she meets Vincent, a charismatic and enigmatic man who takes an interest in her. As their relationship grows, Léa becomes increasingly obsessed with Vincent, blurring the lines between reality and her dream world.

As Léa delves deeper into her fantasies and desires, her grip on reality begins to slip. Haunted by the smoky, erotic dreams of La Vénus d'argent, she struggles to distinguish between the two worlds. As her obsession with Vincent intensifies, Léa experiences a transformation herself, embracing her sensuality and unleashing her inner desires.

As the film progresses, Léa's journey becomes more surreal and intense, exploring themes of passion, identity, and self-discovery. With striking visuals and a haunting soundtrack, "La Vénus d'argent" takes viewers on a mesmerizing and thought-provoking exploration of desire and the power of dreams.

La Vénus d'argent (2023) streaming VF

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