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Gladiator 2 (2024) streaming

Gladiator 2  (2024)
Titre original: Gladiator 2 streaming VF
Année: 2024
Durée: 1h 30min
Nationalité: U.S.A., Grande-Bretagne
Réalisé par: Ridley Scott
Langues: Français

Film Gladiator 2 (2024)

Gladiator 2 takes place several years after the events of the first film, with Maximus (played by Russell Crowe) now ruling as Emperor of Rome. However, his peaceful reign is threatened when a new enemy emerges in the form of a powerful and ambitious general seeking to overthrow him.

As Maximus faces this new threat, he must also contend with internal struggles within his own empire, as well as personal demons that continue to haunt him from his past. With the help of his loyal friends and allies, Maximus must navigate treacherous political waters and deadly battles in order to secure his legacy and protect the people he loves.

The film is filled with epic battle scenes, political intrigue, and personal drama as Maximus fights to maintain his power and unite Rome against a common enemy. Ultimately, Gladiator 2 explores themes of power, loyalty, and sacrifice as Maximus learns that true strength comes from within and that the greatest victories are often won through acts of selflessness and courage.

Gladiator 2 (2024) streaming VF

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